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    We have been contacted by a J. di Zazzo who reports that his family (around 40 di Zazzos) live in Sweden; his grandfathers father, Sabastian (Sabatino) di Zazzo came from San Biagio (probably San Biagio Saracinisco in the province of Frosinone not far from Rocca d'Evandro, where according to about one out of every hundred persons is named Di Zazzo). It is unknown if or how they are related to the Di Zazzos of Rocca d'Evandro in Caserta who settled in the U.S.A. and Canada.

    We have also been contacted by Alexandra di Zazzo of Stockhom, Sweden, whose grandfather came from San Biaggio, Frosinone, Italy; she reports four brothers and a few cousins who also live in Sweden.

    United Kingdom

    Hello to everyone, My sisters and I are tracing our family tree and we think that one of our relatives, Palma Fascione may have married into the DiZazzo family. We think Palma was our Great Grandfather, Benedetto's sister. Benedetto was born in St. Angelo, Nr Cassino in 1866 and came over to the UK when he was about 22. Anyone out there with any info? We would love to hear from you. All the best. –Gina Fashioni, Southport, England

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