Antonio Di Zazzo

Antonio Di Zazzo



  • Antonio DiZazzo's 22 May 1935

  • Record of 11 July 1938 Naturalization
  • Declaration of Intention and
  • 28 March 1938 Petition for Naturalization.

  • World War Two Draft Registration Card for Antonio Di Zazzo of 72 Franklin St., Stoneham, Mass.

  • The 1930 U.S. Census lists on line 46 an Antonio Di Zazzo, age 45, dwelling at 72-A Franklin St., Stoneham, Mass., with wife Rachel (aged 44) and children:
    • Pasqualina (18) born in Italy,
    • Marie Josef (14) born in Massachusetts,
    • Carmine (20) born in Italy (and erroneously listed as daughter), and beginning on the next sheet
    • Rose (13) born in Massachusetts,
    • Concetta (11) born in Massachusetts, and
    • Jeanette (7) born in Massachusetts.

  • The 1920 U.S. Census lists on line 98 an Antonio Di Zazzo, age 36, dwelling at 72 Franklin St., Stoneham, Mass., with wife Rachel (aged 35) and children:
    • Palmira (10) born in Italy, and beginning on the next sheet
    • Carmine (10) born in Italy
    • Pasqualina (7) born in Italy,
    • Maria (4 yr., 4 mo.) born in Massachusetts,
    • Rosina (3 yr., 1 mo.) born in Massachusetts,
    • Concetta (9 mo.) born in Massachusetts, and

  • Passenger manifest for the ship Canopic, departed from Naples 26 June 1912 and arrived Boston 9 July 1912, shows on leaf one line 28, age 29, of Rocca d'Evandro, he listed as closest relative in Italy his wife Rachel in Rocca d'Evandro; his final destination was listed as Providence, R.I. It also shows on leaf two line 28 that he was planning to meet Enrico Tomasso of 332 Atwells Ave. (one of Rachela's brothers in Providence) and that he was a native of Rocca d'Evandro, Caserta, Italy.

  • Registration of the Birth of Antonio Di Zazzo in Rocca d'Evandro.



  • According to his great-granddaughter Lisa Munn-Haynes, Antonio was the son Giovanni and Palma (Fascione) DiZazzo. Antonio left for Boston in 1912 and Rachela followed in 1913 with the three children. They first lived in Providence, R.I. near Rachela's brothers, and then settled in Stoneham, Mass. near her sister, Benedetta (Tomasso) Longo. Antonio had a brother Rocco DiZazzo b. 20 Nov 1886? in Rocca d'Evandro.

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