Ercole Di Zazzo


  • Immigrant ancestor (20 April 1914)
  • b. 17 Sep 1897, Italy.
  • son of Francesco Di Zazzo and ____________________________
  • m. 1st. Palma DiZazzo
  • m. 2nd
  • children
    • Leonoro Di Zazzo
  • m. 3rd
  • children
    • Palmina Di Zazzo
  • d. 1983, Italy.


  • Lawrence Directory (Sampson, Murdock & Co, 1922, p. 206; 1923, p. 207) lists Ercole DiZazzo (DiZazza in 1922), a resident at 175 Elm St. (in the household of Alessandro DiZazzo and employed at the Pacific Mill.

  • 1920 U.S. Census listed Ercole Dizazzo age 22, border in the household of Alessandro Di Zazzo, a finisher in a woolen mill, having arrived in America in 1913.

  • World War One Draft Registration Card showing Ercole Di Zazza, born 17 September 1897, dwelling at 276 Elm St., Lawrence, Mass., an alien, native Italy; a kettle man at the Ayer Mills, Lawrence, Mass. He listed as a contact person Carminela Di Zazza of Oak St., Lawrence.

  • The passenger manifest for the ship Canopic, departed Naples 7 April 1914 and arrived Boston 20 April 1914, shows on leaf one line 21 a Ercole Di Zazzo, age 16, of Rocca d'Evandro; he listed his closest relative in Italy as his father Francesco and he listed his American destination as Lawrence, Mass. It also shows on leaf two line 21 that he planned to meet his sister Concetta in Lawrence, Mass.; he was a native of Rocca d'Evandro


  • Palmina Di Zazzo, Ercole's daughter from the third marriage related:
    Ercole (died in 1983) emigrated to U.S.A. because his sister Concetta was already living there. She was married with Rocco(?) De Lucia, owner of the "DE LUCIA FARM" in Methuen, Massachusetts. Ercole, while in the States married Palma DiZazzo and in 1925 they returned to Italy with her father Alessandro and mother Angela, because Ercole wanted to introduce his wife to his relatives. Unfortunately they couldn't go back to the U.S.A. because Mussolini and his party (Partito Fascista) during those years closed the italian borders. Alessandro built a house where he lived until his death in 1942 (this house is still there, next to where Palmina lives now). Palma died in 1946 and Ercole got married for the 2nd time but her second wife died when she gave birth to Leonoro (Palmina's older brother). So Ercole got married for the third time: this third wife was his second wife's sister and also the mother of Palmina.

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