Alec DiZazzo (1920-2010)

Tribute to Alec from His Neighbor Claire Parthum

January 20, 2011

Dear Mary and David,

How heartwarmingly beautiful are your tributes to your beloved parents!

In “mind’s eye,” Alec still reclines in his special chair on the little porch! Eyes closed, he listens to a ball game (his portable radio ever nearby), and relishes any rays of mild weather sun, until, at dusk, mosquitoes end the siesta. So it would go, springtime, summer, and fall. Alec thus became (fondly) blended into the “landscape” known as “our little neighborhood”

Often he would reminisce about his Josie, his beautiful daughters, his loving “son” David, and – oh yes – Alex always made a “girl” of any age feel very special.

Complaints were not to come from this genial fellow, who so gallantly carried on. Alec was/is such an inspiration as being most senior among his neighbors. Now, it is my honor to claim the “longevity banner.” None could equal Alec’s spirit!

Thank you, dear young friends, for sharing. You are all truly special.

Claire [Parthum]