James G. DiZazzo


  • b. 1936, Mass.
  • son of Antonio DiZazzo and Anna Salvi.
  • m. 1956, Elizabeth Lawrence
  • Five children:
    • Sharon DiZazzo
    • Linda DiZazzo Ferrara
    • Jami DiZazzo Masucci
    • Lisa DiZazzo Shaheen
    • James DiZazzo


    • 6 September 2010 email from Kimbery Dunn, stating:
      Hi there I have info I can add to this site, my grandfather is James G. DiZazzo he was the youngest son of Antonio DiZazzo and Anna Salvi (he was born after Rudolpho), he was born in in 1936 and passed away in 2003. He married Elizabeth (Lawrence) DiZazzo in 1956 and they have 5 children, in this order; Sharon DiZazzo, Linda DiZazzo Ferrara, Jami DiZazzo Masucci, Lisa DiZazzo Shaheen and James DiZazzo. I can go deeper than this if you like but thought I would give the basics. I saw that he wasn’t on here after his siblings so thought I would write. What a fantastic site you have put together.


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