Launched April 7, 1898 as the "New England" for the Dominion Line Her tonnage was 12,099 tons gross, 9,110 under deck and 7,730 net. The poop was 92 feet, bridge deck 318 feet and forecastle 70 feet. Construction of steel. Water ballast. She had twin screws, triple expansion, 2 x 4 cylinders of (2) 30 , (2) 50 & (4) 58 1/8 inches diameter respectively; stroke 54 inches. The engine delivered 985 nominal horse power which gave her a maximum speed of 15 knots. The engine was built by the same company as the hull. She had 3 decks and passenger accommodation for 200 passengers first class, 200 second class and 800 in steerage. She was fitted with electric light, refrigerating machinery, submarine signalling device and wireless. She was first fitted with 3 masts, but later this was reduced to 2 masts.

In 1903 she was acquired by White Star Line and renamed "Romanic"

Acquired by Allan Line in 1912 and renamed "Scandinavian" with second and third class only. Taken over by the Canadian Pacific Line in 1917. She was laid up in 1922 and scrapped, in 1923, in Hamburg.