She was a 9,203 gross ton ship, length 470ft x beam 56.8 ft, one funnel, four masts, twin screw, and a speed of 13 knots. Accommodation for 70-1st and 2,200-3rd class passengers.

Built by Palmers Co Ltd, Jarrow-on-Tyne, she was launched on 21st Oct.1899 as the BRITISH PRINCE for British Shipowners Ltd and sailed for the Phoenix Line between Antwerp and New York as a cargo ship.

Sold to the Italian owned Navigazione Generale Italiana in 1906 and renamed SANNIO, she was fitted with passenger accommodation and started her first Genoa - Naples - Palermo - New York voyage on 31st May 1906.

Her last sailing on this service started on 1st Apr.1911, and in January 1913 she came under the control of Italia Line and was renamed NAPOLI. She started her first voyage from Genoa to Naples, New York and Philadelphia on 28th Mar.1913, and her first Genoa - Palermo - Naples - Halifax - Boston sailing on 18th Aug.1913.

In 1917 she was acquired by Transoceanica of Naples and on 4th Jul.1918 was sunk in collision with the Norwegian ship OTTO SVERDRUP in the Mediterranean with the loss of one life.