Elm Street, Lawrence, Mass.

Sketch of Elm Street, 1930s to '40s

John Piantigini's Map (click for large view)
John Piantigini of Methuen, Mass., in 2007, provided this map which had been prepared some years before with the assistance of "old timers" who remembered the old neighborhood.

Sanborn Map, 1911

The Sanborn Map Company produced, starting in 1867, highly detailed maps of American cities. The maps show every building on every street, with details regarding construction and use that would aid insurance companes in setting rates. The diagram below is based on a scan from a microfilmed Sanborn Map from the Massachusetts State Library. Details have been omitted im order to make room for the names of the families living on the street. To view the detailed scan click here.

For each building on the street the street number is show and is a link to details about that building, when available. For several of the buildings I have indicated the occupant (family or shop) with links to details where available.
239 Louis' Pool Hall
235 Silverstono's Bakery
231A (shop) A. DiZazzo (1922-1925)
232 (off alley) A. DiZazzo (1924-1945) 229A
230 229
224 223
220 (off alley) A. DiZazzo (1917) 221 (off alley)
218 219 (off alley) R. DiZazzo (1930-1939)
216 217
214 (off alley) 215
30 Turner St. (co. alley) 213
32 A Turner St.
32 B Turner St. (co. Elm)
211 Sobil Dry Goods Store
209 (off alley)
207 (front)
23 Turner St. 205 (middle) J. DiZazzo (1930)
208 203 (rear) Sabatinos' Pool Hall
19 Turner St.
200 201 Pepe's Pool Hall
17 Turner St. 199-1/2 (rear) Piantiginni
196 197A
15 Turner St. 197B
13 Turner St. 195
193 A. DiZazzo (1907)
11 Turner St.
190 189B