Alessandro (Alexander) Di Zazzo

Alessandro Di Zazzo



  • Lawrence Directory (Sampson, Murdock & Co, 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925) lists Alesseandro DiZazzo, a grocer with his shop at 231-A Elm St., residing at 175 Elm St. with his wife Angela.

  • 1920 U.S. Census listed Alexander Dizazzo (on line #50), age 50, dwelling at 175 Elm St., Lawrence, with wife Angela (age 60, entered USA 1906) (next page, line 51) and the following:
    • Annis Dizazzo, 23 son, age 23, born in Italy, entered USA 1906,
    • Pama Dizazzo daughter, age 26, born in Italy entered USA 1906,
    • Philip Dizazzo son, age 22, with wife Roccotela Dizazzo, age 26, both born in Italy, entered USA 1906, and
      • their daughter Rose Dizazzo (9 mo), born in Massachusetts,
    • Peter Domenicano, age 21, boarder, born in Italy, and
    • Ercolo Dizazzo, age 22, boarder, born in Italy.
    Alexander was a retail merchant with a grocery store.

  • Lawrence Directory (Sampson, Murdock & Co, 1907) lists Alesseandro Dizazza, a laborer, the householder at 193 Elm St. Also residing at that address was a boarder, Stefano Dizazza, who worked at the Washington Mills.

  • Birth Record (Rocca d'Evandro Registro Atti di nascita Anno 1866 n. 53)
      Antonio Di Zazzo, 36 (b. abt. 1830), land-labourer, son of Palmerino, announced the birth of his son Alessandro from wife Rocca Forgione, daughter of Antonio Forgione. Alessandro was born on 9 September 1866 at 10:00 in the morning in Via Caminate



  • The passenger manifest for the ship Gallia, from Naples and arrived New York 28 May 1901, shows on line 29 an Alessandro Di Zazzo, age 35, traveling from Rocca d'Evandro to Boston, Mass., where he would meet his brother (this brother has not been identified).

  • According to his grandson Joseph DiZazzo, Alexander returned to Italy with his wife in 1925.

  • The Franco family and its relaton to the Di Zazzos
    The passenger manifest for the ship Cambroman, arrived Boston from Naples 12 March 1903, shows Vincenzo Franco, aged 24, married, and Carmine Franco, aged 18, single, both of Rocca d'Evandro, travelling to Boston to meet their brother-in-law Alessandro Di Zazzo. Five years later the passenger manifest for the ship Romanic, arrived Boston from Naples 20 October 1908, shows Carmine Franco, aged 24, traveling to Lawrence, Mass, to meet his brother Vincenzo of Common St. Lawrence, Mass.; his birthplace was listed as Rocca d'Evandro. Later, a Vincenzo Franco, born 15 January 1884, shows up in the World War I draft records on Common St., Lawrence, Mass.

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